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The Official OOH Crap I can't figure it out page of 5 x 5 media network

Seriously We get it..... if you are looking at this you need help on something.. We will continue to get it populated with common items as quickly as we can . In the mean time feel free to reach out to our support team at our sister company

Video upload size limit

750 MB--yes you can get long high quality video's on here we currently have fullsized 1080p,22 min Network shows on here, They are resized for this network.

What size are channel art photos?

optimal size is 2560 x 1440

How do I assign videos to a Playlist for my channel.

To sort videos to play lists.... Go to Uploads, then click the Toggle Edit Mode icon on the right side - the one that looks like a pencil - and this will open up the Select and Delete links below every video thumbnail. Click Select on the videos you want to add to the playlist and then click on the Selection Actions menu, where you have the option of adding or removing from playlist.

How do I Create Playlists.

From Media library menu select "Playlist" Then select the "PLUS" icon in upper right corner by the pencil icon. Enter the appropriate information. Once saved your playlist will be available in you media / upload library.

Why can't I comment on video posts

Log in to your account then you will be able to post comments.. If you dont have an account sign up for a Free one today.

Why can't I upload videos with a "FREE account"

Because its free and even digital space costs money.. If you wish to upload your content you may upgrade your membership level to one that fits your needs and budget.